AVA 2014 update

21 Feb

It's been a while. Angels & Airwaves have been taking a lot of time off the last year or so. However now we can confirm a new AVA album is in the works, some recording has already been completed in 2013 and activity is happening again in the AVA studio.

Tom has posted photos from the studio, along with artwork from a future 'POET' project. David has been busy making and selling a lot of coffee with his company James Coffee. Ilan has been busy with AVA, NIN, The New Regime and probably more musical projects than we can keep up with. And last but not least, there's reports that Matt Wachter is actually still alive. He was found in a kid's play house near Boston.

Here's a round up of photos of from the guys.

tom_aaron_studio matt_wachter_returnsdavid_kennedy_recordingtom_studio2poet_drawingTom_reviewing_worktom_studioIlans_studio

Oh and yeah Atom Willard dropped by to hang out.


There's also a new mini-documentary about the making of the Love movie:

Surrender Remix Music Video out + One Last Thing Remix

9 Jan

To mark the release of Stomping The Phantom Break pedal on iTunes today we've been treated to a music video for the Surrender Remix. People who download the EP from iTunes also receive the bonus track remix of 'One Last Thing'

Discuss your thoughts on the Surrender remix music video and the One Last Thing remix.
Here can listen to some of my thoughts on the new EP.

Ilan Rubin: Behind The Scenes

29 Dec

In this interview with Macbeth Ilan Rubin gives us insight into his background with music.

Personally I was disgusted at some of the abuse Ilan received for his work on Stomping The Phantom Break Pedal and I hope this helps those people open their eyes a bit. You can listen to our AVA Movement podcast reviewing the new EP right here

Update: Here is an interview with Tom Delonge where he discusses how he's grown out of punk through his time with Blink. He mentions how AVA changed things and where he's at now. Thanks Onethousandhours for sharing this on the forum.

Podcast #3 – Review of Stomping the Phantom Break Pedal + LOVE Movie

24 Dec

[audio http://theavamovement.com/Podcast/AVA_Movement_Podcast_3_December_2012.mp3|titles=Podcast #3|initialvolume=100]

AVA Movement PodcastWe discuss:
• Stomping The Phantom
Break Pedal
• The LOVE Movie (spoilers)
• Modlife
• StrangeTimes
• The future of AVA

Skalor, AVA-Owen, Samir0810
and Avasheckler (Andy)

Date recorded:
December 2012

Download link:
Mp3 – Mediafire

Let us know your thoughts on the Forum.  

Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year from The AVA Movement! 

New ‘Surrender Remix’ Music Video

12 Dec

Angels and Airwaves record music video for Surrender Remix

This holiday season is already shaping up to be quite a treat! Only yesterday Blink-182 released 'Boxing Day' off their Christmas EP, now today we learn AVA is making a music video for their remix of Surrender (photos here). Perhaps we can assume that the guys really dig their new remix if they think it's worth having another music video!

Discuss the video here.

David Kennedy playing AVA covers in Indonesia 

Unsual but true. AVA have a strong fanbase in Indonesia, so out the good man that is David Kennedy has been over to Indonesia playing alongside the band 'Melodrama' covering some AVA songs. In an interview David describes why he's there, and here you can see a performance of Secret Crowds.