Tom Delonge Interview BBC Radio 1: ‘Anixety’ is Hottest Record

13 Jan

Update: Interview ripped above for people outside UK

[ Interview ] Today the UK's huge national station Radio 1 declared Anxiety as 'hottest record' by Zane Lowe. They got Tom Delonge on the phone to ask about Angels & Airwaves current plans. You can listen to the interview here or just watch the video above. Sounds like AVA will be playing some European festivals this summer. 

In other news. Here is a video of the AVA guys talking about movies on 

Regarding Australian sideshows, we're still waiting for an announcement. There's still more days of announcements to come. Tickets for Pomona show (2nd of Feb) are currently on sale. All other California dates have sold out. Full U.S. tour should come later this year. 

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