I'm RubyMabel short intro video..

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I'm RubyMabel short intro video..

by Ruby_Berlitz9999 on Wed Mar 29, 2017, 3:56am

This is just a short intro video like it says in the title, heh.. It's a little about myself and what I wanta do on my YouTube. I used Angels and Airwaves song "Young London" as the bgm and thought it would be perfect with the clip of Star dancing with Marco. :)

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Name: Ruby*Mabel
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Favorite Artists: Tom DeLonge, G-Eazy
Favourite Song: 'Suburban Kings' by: Tom DeLonge
Favourite Album: LOVE
Times you've seen AVA: 0
Interests: Making music, drawing, go places, be lively
More: Grew w/o a dad, &seriously want Tom DeLonge to adopt me.
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