Hey angels! :3

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Hey angels! :3

by jacecosmo on Wed Dec 14, 2016, 1:05am

Hi everyone! I've been on here before just under a different account - didn't do much posting on that one though but I've also changed my name, not just online but in real life, too! (what a hassle!)

Anyways hi I'm Jace I'm 24 and I'm from Canada! (Any other angels from up north? Let me know!) I have been a fan of AVA since the project started back in 06 and obviously a huge Blink fan as well! 14 years of loving that band - my first tattoo I ever got as soon as I turned 18 was a 5-arrow smiley face on my arm. Oh I also have the astronaut on my chest with Soul Survivor script and a good leg banger of the blink rabbit with a traditional style frame and flowers on my shin! you may have seen pictures of my tattoos on the net before xD

I have seen blink (with Tom) 3 times! I caught Travis' drumstick at a summer festival!
And AVA only once! And that was way back in like, 2010
I have a funny story to share about that actually. I could have seen them before that show, which was like, when they were on warped tour - and I was like, 14 and had an argument with my mom about going and she said no so I didn't get to see them. Then, when they came to my city on the LOVE tour - she ended up going and loving their music haha.

But yes, so pop punk and AVA and Tom have been a huge part of my life for 10 years now - just like many of us! I absolutely Love everything that man puts out!

I grew up loving space, science and all those sorts of things and I even read 'Cosmos' by Carl Sagan like 3 times before finding out that Tom loves that book too haha. I also had endless nights with my best friend on the phone talking about aliens and stuff like that. People always thought I was weird for these types of things so that's why I really love Tom's work because it gives me an escape that I can relate to...I'm sure that's how most of us feel here!

My favourite album by AVA is probably I-Empire because its super up-beat. I think Sekret Machines is my favourite book he's published so far.

I play guitar and sing as well and I'm working on a small ep/album type thing (with both influences of AVA and blink! )- this sounds crazy but I legit dropped out of college recently to do music because I was getting depressed because I had been doing that stuff all the time until my life got all messed up but that's a story for another time - haha. I also like to draw and am putting together a portfolio so I'll link up my deviant art sometime! I love art! I think that and LOVE really make the world go round, ya know? Also, I'm genderqueer - i actually identify as neither a boy or a girl, although I don't think that is a big deal here!

Oh and other than all the Tom bands (Boxcar is super awesome as well!)
I really like Billy Talent. And some good old NFG - I'll never forget getting punched in the face, bleeding, and laughing about it one of their shows haha. And all the pop-punk classics, Descendents, heck yeah! And I could jam to the offspring any day.

Anyways wow that was long !!! Look forward to talking with you! Literally NOBODY even KNOWS what AVA is where I live and if they do its just whatever to them so this will be great xD

we don't need to whisper.
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Re: Hey angels! :3

by Animals on Wed Dec 14, 2016, 2:18pm

I am from Canada (in Ontario to be more precise). What area are you from?

Not really a pop punk fan nor am I a Blink/AVA fan. Why the fuck am I still here?

I do enjoy art though, so we have that in common. Right now, I am deep into the surrealist and post-modern areas. The more existentialist in nature, the better. Really, most contemporary art is stimulating for me though.


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